Nellie Chung

Vice President, Marketing & Partnerships

Nellie Chung leads marketing and partnerships at the VAB, working to elevate the brand and forging the mission to move the advertising industry forward together.

Highly regarded for her integrity and perseverance Nellie has almost 20 years’ experience as a consummate media professional and strategic thinker and has been instrumental in helping clients strengthen their brand presence through ideation and execution of cross-channel multiplatform media campaigns. Nellie has used her diverse background and unique understanding of the industry to expand opportunities and awareness for the world’s most prominent agencies and brands.

When Nellie’s not crafting brand strategies, she revels in her passion for the outdoors, good food, and constantly wanting to explore something new with her husband and daughter. While she channels Food Network chefs when cooking at home, Nellie’s knowledge & patronage of NYC restaurants can put Carrie Bradshaw and Time Out NY to shame. And while a real city girl at heart, she appreciates long hikes, laying on the beach from sunrise to sunset and strives to never visit the same place twice. Nellie is a talented, results driven business leader but her biggest accomplishment to date is her beautiful baby girl. 

Nellie is a sales and marketing leader at heart with almost 20 years’ experience. She holds a diverse background in media that includes stints in publishing, broadcast (TV & Radio), public relations, digital marketing and strategy. Some of her successes include launching Citibank’s first ever mobile app, orchestrating Hershey’s 100th Anniversary, creating a Millennial targeted platform for TIAA-CREF, managing broadcast multichannel Olympics campaigns for several P&G brands and worked on several FDA approvals, major mergers and acquisitions. When working with clients, she is creative, resourceful, consultative, and passionate, forging lifelong relationships with key players across the world’s largest brands and agencies such as Prudential, Edelman, Astra Zeneca, JPMorgan Chase, Ogilvy, Pfizer and Cotton Incorporated, to name a few.

Previously at the Nielsen company, her success helped build a sales team from three to 70+ which led to several leadership awards during her tenure where she worked on retail strategy for CPG brands such as PepsiCo, Nestle, Tyson Foods and Exxon Mobile.

While at Nielsen, she also launched a publication and platform for small business owners and also worked in the entertainment division that included Adweek, Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, as well as helped orchestrate major motion picture industry events such as ShowEast and ShowWest (now CinemaCon).

The rest of her career includes managing sales and marketing teams and working on overall business and go to market strategies for startups and small businesses. As a consultant, she’s also taught a digital course at NBCUniversal, while also serving as a mentor for high school students and young professionals.

She is extremely knowledgeable, precise and a strong negotiator with exceptional cross-functional leadership expertise in the digital marketing and multimedia landscape. Nellie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Sociology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She lives in Westchester with her husband and daughter.